It is especially important to look for the traditional rules of combination of shoes and pants when it comes to the classic business style. If you wear a suit or trousers with a shirt, it is better not to experiment with shoes. You should definitely give preference to the classic shoes or shoes of conventional colors like black or brown. It isn’t difficult to find the shoes you need since all the brands offer various models of these colors, for instance, you can choose among variety of Clarks shoes Calgary shoe stores sell.

When it comes to informal style of clothes, there is no need to adhere to the rules. The main thing here is harmony. If the colors of trousers and shoes are harmoniously combined with each other, the choice is correct. Such styles as casual and smart casual are considered an informal style. This includes jeans, chinos, light summer pants. The most appropriate shoes to wear with these pants are sneakers, topsiders, moccasins, loafers, brogues, etc.

If you don’t know how to choose shoes for informal clothes, follow the rules of business style, and you will not make a mistake. If, for example, brown shoes are recommended for a gray official suit, then brown shoes are ideal for gray jeans.

The basic rules of mix and match

Black and brown colors don’t go well with each other. Historically, black color is suitable for official (and festive) events. This applies both to pants and shoes. Brown color has always been considered everyday and ordinary. This rule is valid for any shades of brown (red, sand, wine, etc.).

In situations that do not require formal outfit, the rule can be neglected. For example, put on brown casual shoes to black jeans.

2. Too extreme combinations are not appropriate. For example, it is better to wear light brown shoes rather than dark chocolate ones to beige trousers. The combination of black shoes and white trousers or, conversely, black trousers and white shoes is very controversial.

3. Color of shoes should be darker than the color of pants. If you need to get dressed in accordance with the classic business etiquette, be sure to adhere to this rule.

4. A belt should be the same color of your shoes – this is a classical combination. For an official-business style, this is a dogma. For the smart casual style deviations are allowed (you can choose a belt not for the color of your shoes, but for the color of the briefcase or watch strap).

Choosing shoes to wear with black pants

As it has already been mentioned, it is not customary to wear black pants with shoes of brown shades. It is not necessary to combine black pants with very light shoes, even if the style of clothing is not formal. However, white sneakers, worn with black jeans, can be considered an exception.

Choosing shoes to wear with dark gray pants

The rule of matching is almost the same as with black pants. The difference is that with gray pants you can wear brown shoes.

Choosing shoes to wear with gray suit and gray pants

If the pants are dark, it's worth trying on black or dark brown shoes. If the trousers are light gray - probably the best choice will be shoes of light brown shades.

Choosing shoes to wear with a blue suit and blue pants

Both black and dark brown shoes are suitable to wear with blue pants. The combination of blue and brown is considered elegant and noble.

Choosing shoes to wear with beige pants

Shoes of different shades of brown (camel, dark sand, chocolate, red, ecru, ocher, etc.) will look good with classic trousers. It is desirable that the shades be similar: if the pants have a reddish shade, then let the shoes be similar. If the color of the pants is cool, close to the gray-beige, it means that the shoes should also have a grayish shade.