General Insurance

Auto Insurance

Buying car insurance in Canada can be a little confusing for most people. Canada requires basic insurance coverage for all motor vehicles operating in any of the ten Canadian provinces. Each province sets their own mandatory minimum for basic insurance standards.

Basic insurance covers physical injury to both the policy holder and other people that may be injured in an accident. It does not cover property damage or theft of your vehicle.

When contemplating the purchase of car insurance in Manitoba, Saskatchewan or British Columbia, the mandatory minimum policy is offered through each provincial government. If you want collision, comprehensive or other additional insurance, you can buy it through public or private sources.

In other provinces, all of the insurance is provided through private insurance companies. Choosing the right amount of coverage and where to buy it can be challenging. We will be happy to help you determine your exact insurance needs.

Shopping around for quotes on your own is hardly an efficient use of your time. We take on that challenge, compare rates and get you the lowest premiums.


Motorcycle Insurance

As with any type of on-the-road vehicle, motorcycle insurance is essential for all scooter and motorcycle owners. Without it, people are likely to have their licenses suspended and can face a range of other problems and penalties. Finding an affordable and comprehensive policy is now easier than ever to do. This is because more companies are now offering plans for all of the most popular motorcycle and scooter options in Canada.

What Motorcycle Insurance Protects

There are three areas that this coverage is intended to address. These include liability, medical expenses and property damages. Liability will offset or entirely cover the costs of damages that you cause to other parties and their property. Property damages will help you to restore or replace your bike after having been involved in a collision. The best policies will even supply protection against theft. Medical expenses can cover hospital bills, lost wages, physical rehabilitation and even burial expenses.

Keep Your Commute Cheap

More consumers are now using scooters and motorcycles to get to and from the places they need to go. These options in on-the-road vehicles are far less expensive to purchase and maintain. With quality and affordable covers, drivers can keep themselves safe, protected and fully in compliance with local laws.


Home Insurance

Before something happens, you should take out your home insurance policy and make sure that you have adequate coverage. Over time, people get complacent and get in the habit of renewing their home insurance policy each year without ever looking at their coverage.

You might have perfectly good coverage or you might not. If your policy only pays based on depreciated cash value and not for replacement cost, you could be in need of a new policy.

So many people do not know what is covered by their home insurance policy. You may know that you have hazard coverage but not know what is a covered hazard. Do you have an adequate amount of liability coverage in case someone falls on your property and decides to sue?

We are here to make sure you understand the type and amount of home insurance you have protects you and your home. Let us compare rates and find you the best home insurance policy at the most affordable rates.


  • Condo Insurance
  • Tenant Insurance
  • Rented Dwelling Insurance
  • Cottage Insurance
  • Residential Insurance


RV Insurance

RVs are extremely popular throughout many parts of Canada and depending upon where you live and where you operate your RV, different forms of recreational vehicle insurance may be necessary. This cover protects you, your vehicle and others from personal and property damages and loss. RVs are referred to by many different names including trailers, campers, fifth wheels, travel trailers, camper trailers, camper vans and caravans among others. Irrespective of what you own, binding a comprehensive plan is vital for protecting your best interests.

What Recreational Vehicle Insurance Includes

As with all other policies, consumers have the ability to select recreational vehicle insurance plans that are suited to their individual needs. The most basic plans cover three main areas. These are public liability, medical and damages to your personal property. Medical will provide compensation for a range of expenses, including your doctor bills, wages that you might lose and even your burial expenses in worst case scenarios. Protection and the related compensation for personal damages or theft can be as comprehensive as you want them to be, given the availability of upgraded policies.

Public liability is the most vital element of this form of cover as it is often necessary for remaining in compliance with the law. It will pay for the loss or damages that are sustained by others as the result of your RV operation. The legal limits for this particular type of cover will vary according to location, making it important to talk with a knowledgeable agent before selecting and binding a plan.